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What kind of condition is your car in?


Is your car in great condition? Low miles? No trouble with any parts? No visible cosmetic damage? Sweet! We love to buy cars that are in great condition. We can sell these cars to car dealerships.


Your car is in good condition: decent amount of miles, mild cosmetic issues, no major problems with any parts. These carts are great for other buyers. We make the selling process easy for you so that we can find a buyer for your car later.


Your vehicle has cosmetic damage from hail or an accident. Your car breaks down quite a bit. It’s just really time to get a new vehicle. Let us take this clunker off your hands! We’ll part the car and sell the working parts to owners who need inexpensive materials.


This car is totally out of commission. Let us pick this car up from your home or office and give you cash for it. Seriously! Sell that car that won’t even move today. We’ll use the metal and parts that are still usable!

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What type of vehicle are you selling?


Yes! We accept nearly any year, make, and model of car!


Does your truck have four wheels? No? That’s okay, too! Regardless of the condition of your truck, we would like to buy it from you.


We accept large SUV’s, small SUV’s... if it’s an SUV, we want it!


Whether it’s a work van, a mini van, a van missing a door... yes, we will buy that van from you!

Where was your car made?

Foreignor Domestic

Whether your car was made here in the United States or overseas, we will buy your car!

Why should I sell to Cash for Cars La Costa?

Simplicity- we take the stress out of selling your car. Timeliness- we realize you don’t have weeks or months to find somebody to buy your car. We will give you an on-the-spot offer and have your car picked up in less than 48 hours.

Customer service- if you have any questions or concerns throughout the process, we have friendly staff who are happy to help you.

Honesty- we will give you a fair and honest quote for your car, truck, van, or SUV. There’s no wondering whether or not you are getting a fair price. Our reputation ensures that you are.

Safety- rather than having to wait around to meet a mystery buyer, you will know who is coming to meet you. You will also receive you check when we pick up your car so you won’t be waiting around for your check to show up

What are you waiting for? If you have an old used car sitting around, we will take it off your hands! It’s an easy four step process. You can have money in your pocket is less than 48 hours for that old car you don’t drive anymore. If you thought selling your car had to be hard, you haven’t been to Cash for Cars La Costa. If you have any questions, call us or fill out our contact form to speak to friendly staff member.

Sell that old junker today!

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